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Facilities for cyclists at B&B La Collina dei Ciliegi

bicicletteMr. Vincent is available for bikers  to provide any information on cycling routes in the area and the most suggestive itineraries between Piedmont and Liguria. For guests tools and facilities are avaiable for maintenance on their vehicles, and of course a covered and secure shelter for bicycles.

For all bicycles requirements La Collina dei Ciliegi recommends HBM Bikes ,Finotti Biciclette and La Bici


Museum House of Fausto Coppi in Castellania

"A lonely man in command, his shirt is blue and white, his name is Fausto Coppi" recited the voice of sports commentator Mario Ferretti at the Cuneo-Pinerolo, the last stage of the Tour of Italy in 1949. Today, the Campionissimo, the great rival Gino Bartali in the immediate postwar period, has its own museum in Castellania, a few miles from Tortona, where he was born in 1919. Coppi becomes a intergenerational sport myth of the 40 and 50, in Italy and Europe, when in the same year he won the Tour of Italy and the Tour de France. Sportive and generous, with a big heart - we still remember the episode set in a picture, where during a climb Coppi and Bartali share the same bottle - Coppi is still very popular, as shown by the visitors of his house in Castellania: athletes that each year visit him at the mausoleum where it stands next to his brother Serse.

Campionissimi Museum in Novi Ligure

"Campionissimi" are Fausto Coppi and Costante Girardengo; this museum in 2010 was confirmed as the main center of attraction of the city along with the exposur e Dolci Terre di Novi. Everything here is dedicated to the world of cycling: you can learn all of its development, its components, and circuits thanks to films and documents, and even get on a mortgage!

The streets of Fausto and Serse Coppi

Born in 1919 in Castellania, a small village in the valley Ossona, Fausto Coppi is still the man symbol of Italian cycling.

Even during the period of greatest glory, the "Campionissimo" has never abandoned his land, has never left its gentle rolling hills and, over the years become an ideal place for his long and tough workouts.

Now along bike paths, dirt and secondary roads, outside the busy roads, you can retrace the paths beaten by Great Heron once and ride the paths so dear to him.Numerous trails of varying length and difficulty, allowing the rider to the professional and amateur cyclist to choose different paths, which from Castellania spread along the green hills.

Here is an example of a circular route for bikers with an average preparation:

Km: 25.5

Location: Castellana - Costa Vescovato - Cerreto - Villaromagnano - Carbonara - Paderna - Castellania.

From Castellania take a first path downhill to the valley and then immediately turn right towards Costa Vescovato. After passing the village, the road bends to the left to Montale Celli, and then, without crossing the village, stay to your right until you reach the village of Cerreto Grue. After the town turn left, in direction of Sarezzano and then left again towards Fonti  and Villaromagnano. From here, going towards the ridge, cross Carbonara, and then Spineto and Paderna. Once in Carezzano Superiore take the detour to the left to return to Castellania. The route, which winds along the beautiful hills of the watershed between the Ossona valley and Grue valley, is not that long and it is not particularly challenging, developeding with gradients of small claims.



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